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App: Dirty Talk F-2-M

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Requires os version:Android1.5 and up
This is the latest release from created especially for LADIES this time. This new version is written to meet your every dirty talk need...from mild to extra spicy in all categories. The app makes it so simple to send your man that one sentence that will get his motor revved up and roaring to see you soon. Let's face it, guys love it when their women talk dirty to them...and when they do it's a win win...not only does he get turned on even more but you will get your stud to please you better that the same ole same ole.

It's as simple as entering your man's phone number in the box on the menu screen once and then as you browse the 101 various pre-written texts all you have to do is click "Send" and instantly it is on the way to making your man want you even more where-ever he is. Once you hit the send button, there is a small status message under that particular text to remind you that you have sent that message...just in case you might be tempted to send it again by accident.

WARNING These texts are for adults. Use them sparingly and work your way up to the really "spicy" ones over time. Build his anticipation him wild over and over again.

YES you can EDIT these messages! Nowhere else can you do that!

ADD your lovers name...change a word or two...whatever you want.

These 101 Original Dirty Talk Phrases are sure to heat him up. Use them on your phone....then use them in the Bedroom!

Turn your man on today while he is at work....and wait for him to turn YOU on tonight when he comes rushing home!

Yes this can actually be a sexting tool that will spark your own creative juices. Don't know how to talk sexy? These erotic messages will definitely send you to dirty talking school. Talking Dirty and sexy talk or txts are not taboo anymore...Don't wait - add to your sex talk, love talk and sexy txting skills today.

This app falls into these categories as well : sex,sexy text,texting

If you have trouble downloading from google don't cancel the order. Visit this link and follow the instructions.

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