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App: Voice Choice 2.0

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Category Email & Messaging
Requires os version:Android2.0 and up
**Basic Instructions**1) Install Google Voice Android app2) In Google Voice Android app, select "Use Google Voice for all calls"3) In Voice Choice select phone numbers to be called with your cell number(or Google Voice)4) Make calls as usual and let Voice Choice take care of the rest5) See below for instructions on making free calls**---------------**

Voice Choice 2.0 now includes SMS(texting!) and a much improved user interface.

This has everything from our free Voice Choice app, with many improvements and extra features requested by users - for those upgrading from free version, see **notice** below(!)

So what can Voice Choice do for you?

Well, you love using Google Voice, but you have certain numbers you want to always call and text with your cell phone number. No problem, save those numbers to your Direct Call List, and all other calls and texts will be made via Google Voice. Or, make your Voice Choice List a "Google Voice List" and put in numbers which will use Google Voice; then all others will be called directly. (You'll need to select the "Use Google Voice for all calls" option within Google Voice for Voice Choice to work.)

So call those in-network cell phones with your cell line and save on minutes. Or call only your business clients with your Google Voice number. And have you ever noticed Google Voice can't reliably send dial tones to those automated menus? Voice Choice has got you covered(see Quick Dial feature below)

Most important of all, get rid of that extra dialog before each call!!

Questions, comments, suggestions? Comment in our Google Group(link on our website), email us, or follow Voice Choice on Google+

Extra Features not found in free version:

-SMS! (explained below)

-User friendly interface

-Toggle Voice Choice on and off

-Free calls: add your Google Voice number to your provider's free call list(Verizon F&F, myFaves, etc) and use Voice Choice to make all calls through your GV number.(Make sure your voicemail inbox is empty or all messages are marked as "read") Can toggle feature on/off in settings

-Quick dial: Make a quick one time call to a number as though it is on your Voice Choice list. Simply add a '+' at the end of the number before dialing. Feature is off by default, see settings menu to turn it on.

-Enable/disable/customize notifications which are displayed when making calls

-Select/Deselect all numbers of particular type(Home, Mobile, Work) - Even works with custom types(could create type "Voice Choice" for example or "Call Direct")

-To use SMS: Select a contact and select the "send text" option. You will see an app picker; pick Voice Choice. If the number is setup in Voice Choice to be called directly, then your default text messaging app will launch(default can be selected in Voice Choice settings). Otherwise, Google Voice will be launched.

**Notice for upgrading**: If you are upgrading from the free version of Voice Choice, backup your list to your SD card before uninstalling your free version. When you first launch the new version, go into "Version 1 mode" and restore your list from the SD card. Then go into 2.0 Beta mode and your list will migrate over!

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