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Requires os version:Android4.0 and up
Use your phone or tablet as a mirror! Don't settle for those inferior mirror apps with blurry and distorted images and annoying ads!

***A Front Facing Camera Is Needed To Use This App***

Front Camera Mirror uses the front-facing camera on your phone or tablet and reverses and displays the image giving you the impression of looking into a mirror. The resolution and aspect ratio of the camera are adjusted specifically for your device's screen when Front Camera Mirror is loaded. The positioning of the image is handled as well to provide you with a full screen with no black bars.

- Android 4.0+ Look and Feel- Optimized for Tablets and Phones- Full Screen Mode- Snapshot Mode- PhotoBooth Mode- Non-Mirror Mode- Themes- 20 Graphic Mirror Frames, New Low-Light Frame- Device Specific Image Size Adjustments- Keeps Aspect Ratio, No Distortion- Zoom, Exposure, and White Balance Settings- Remembers Your Setting Preferences- App title displayed as "Mirror" on device- Bare Minimum Permissions- German, Spanish, French, Korean and Japanese Language Support- Developer Support When You Need It!

** Snapshot Mode **

Snapshot mode allows you to capture a picture (including the frame and any settings you have applied) and save it to your device. Snapshots can be taken with or without frames, and using mirrored or non-mirrored mode.

** PhotoBooth Mode **

PhotoBooth mode lets you create photo booth style photostrips quickly and easily. Simply enable PhotoBooth mode, take fours snapshots (with no time limit), and Front Camera Mirror will create and save the photostrip to your device. Similar to the snapshots, the frame and any effects applied will be used to create the photostrip.

Front Camera Mirror Free pledges to use only the minimum permissions needed to function correctly which should never include more than the following:

- Hardware Control: Take Pictures and Video: Used only to capture the mirror image

- Storage: Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage: Write is used only to save snapshots. Read and Write are granted together as a package now. Read is not used.

If you experience any problems when using Front Camera Mirror, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will work quickly to help fix any issues you may have. :)

Future Ideas:

- Face Detection Mode - Detects your face and adjusts exposure and white balance to the optimal levels automatically!

- Frame Add-ons - Frames will be split away from the main app to reduce the app size. Packs of frames will be available to download at the user's choice.

- Doodle Mode - Draw directly on to the mirror. Leave yourself reminders. :)

- Sticker Mode - Use sticker packs or import you own photos to create silly photos or stick your favorite pictures in the corner of your mirror.

- PhotoBooth Automation - The way it is now, you control when the pictures are taken in PhotoBooth mode. With the automation option, the pictures would be taken at timed intervals, more closely simulating a real photobooth.

Future ideas will be released to paid users first. ;)

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