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App: Smart Alarm (Alarm clock)

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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
This is the paid version of the Smart Alarm.Please purchase after see that the free version to work correctly on your device.

This is a simple and highly functional alarm clock.It is also very easy to use!This application supports English.

You can sound the alarm again at the specified time even if it stops at a time alarm with snooze function.The alarm can be set to repeat every week on specified days of the week.The wallpaper that is used in the device can be displayed as the background, if you set the transparency setting.

【Other functions】■ Corresponds to the holiday in the United States. Holidays that are set on the specified day, even when repeatedly enabled it can disable the alarm. This specified day can be also be customized.Alarm does not work even without changing the alarm switch to OFF during the long vacation holidays by using this feature.■ You can set the music that is on SD card as the alarm sound.■ This alarm clock has the mode to increase gradually with an alarm sound and it has vibration that can be set by the strength of the two-stage. They will prevent be surprised to sudden loud alarm sound.■ It is possible to change the size of the alarm stop button and snooze button. They will prevent the mistake to stop the alarm by mistake.■ It is possible to set the alarm to stop by solving a math problem or enter the screen number. Settings that can not be easily stopped the alarm will prevents the oversleeping.■ You can customize Side key, Back key and Menu key as to stop alarm or snooze or adjust the alert volume.■ You can switch to enable / disable the alarm sound and vibration in silent mode.■ You can set whether you want to output an alarm sound from the speaker of the device when the headphones are plugged in.

【Note】● If the power of the device is not turned on at the time that alarm is set, the alarm will not work.● Please register on the exclusion list if you are using any task killer apps or power-saving apps. And do not force stop app on task manager. It may cause the alarm does not work.● When you set any music on SD card as the alarm sound, it will sound the alarm in the default ringtone if SD card mounts are off at alarm time.

※ We recommend that you set the alarm after confirming the operation of the preview feature when you set the alarm.

【disclaimers】When you use SMART ALARM ("the Application", hereafter), you need to understand and accept the disclaimers described as below. Although the Application is provided after our sufficient verification, It does not mean that the Application's functions guaranteed to work correctly without problem on all devices. TanyuSoft as a producer of the Application shall not be responsible to correct all the problems occurred on the Application and not undertaking the obligations to it.The company also shall not be responsible to any damage caused by using the Application while a user uses the Application. When you use the Application, please use it with your own responsibility.

【About permissions】"PREVENT DEVICE FROM SLEEPING"→ is used for prevent device from sleeping when alerting."CONTROL VIBRATOR"→ is used for the vibration function."AUTOMATICALLY START AT BOOT"→ is used in order to configure the alarm timer when you boot the device."READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY"→ is used to check whether the device is the incoming call or during a call when set alarm time. The alarm does not work when the device is the incoming call or during a call."MODIFY/DELETE USB STORAGE CONTENTS MODIFY/DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS"→ is used for backup and restore the alarm settings."MODIFY GLOBAL SYSTEM SETTINGS"→ is used to show next alarm time on lock screen.

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