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App: ACIM Text & Lessons

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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Here it is! Forgiving guidance at your fingertips! If you are a student of the Course (ACIM) you’ll love this exciting new app.  Tired of carrying the “Big Blue Book” around everywhere?  Now you’ll have the text and lessons readily accessible on your phone.  Never miss a lesson, and never forget your lesson number, because this app will keep track of it for you…even if you skip a day!


✓ First with full acim Text plus Workbook (Lessons) together✓ An appealing colourful alternative ✓ Easy access to 365 Daily Lessons✓ Your lesson changes automatically each day if done✓ Flick between lessons ✓ Portrait and landscape auto view options✓ Bright attractive UI✓ Efficient Text Chapter and Section access✓ Simple menu ✓ Help with preface and how to use instructions✓ Designed to remind!✓ More on the way

Now you really can TEACH ONLY LOVE through the 'on-call wisdom' of A Course in Miracles wonderfully packaged in your palm. Imagine, both the Text and 365 Lessons of the Workbook presented shining here, in a light format that is easier than a book, and literally takes communication to a higher level, giving quick access to the major Course material whenever and wherever you go. This is the public domain version of this universal healing system that was channelled from high consciousness over a seven year period beginning in 1965. Since then it's peaceful teaching has been quietly flowing into all kinds of minds from all walks of life around the world.

Although the Text is necessary to explain what is really happening in our world and how to deal with it, the Workbook literally provides mind training in Lessons of Love, required to correct our minds and thereby bring about true healing of our world and our lives. Just what this means will take on extra dimensions as you work through the Course. In other words, your experiences doing the Course will prove to you that what it says is true.

It is not trying to teach us the meaning of Love, because that is beyond what can be taught, but it is showing us how to overcome the blockages that prevent the awareness of Love's constant presence as our reality. To do this and attain inner peace the Course promotes the practice of true forgiveness, a major essential for our ultimate peace and happiness.

While there are a few other parts to the Course, it's safe to say that the Text and Workbook are the main parts by far, and are cross studied by most students on a daily basis. Now, if you like, you can too and very conveniently through this app.

To do the Course is a formidable undertaking and it is hoped that while some may have baulked before, (perhaps at the seeming size of the information contained in the big blue or green book), now in this ready carry form it might greet them as the helping hand that it really is, offering the welcome message of freedom, that the power to choose life is always in our hands.

Reclaim your real Life in Love. "Miracles are seen in Light."

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