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App: Voice Changer

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Change your voice.---[ Logo ][ Permissions ]WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: write sound files to internal SD card.RECORD_AUDIO: record sounds.INTERNET/ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: advertisement.---[ Changelog ]2014/04/29 v1.5 Add Pitch Shifting FP effect.2014/04/13 v1.4 Remove unsafe permissions.2014/04/12 v1.399 Change advertising network.2014/03/09 v1.398 Fix crash.2014/03/09 v1.397 Fix minor issues.2014/02/09 v1.396 Disable horizontal scrolling.2014/02/09 v1.395 Fix minor issues. Remove unnecessary permissions.2012/11/08 v1.394 Fix menu bugs on Android 4.1. Reduce package size.2012/05/27 v1.393 Fix crash when choosing No Effect under certain conditions.2012/05/18 v1.392 Adjust Pitch Shifting algorithm for polyphonic music.2012/05/17 v1.391 Add sharing function to player page.2012/05/06 v1.39 Fix error caused by Robotization effects. Fix layout issue on ICS. Double audio buffer size to mitigate playback/recording problems. Add x86/MIPS support. Add playlist.2012/04/25 v1.38 Add volume control. Temporarily remove Chinese/Japanese UI.2012/04/14 v1.371 Remove unnecessary permissions.2012/04/12 v1.37 Reduce 50% synthesis time.2012/04/05 v1.36 Add sharing function and Simplified Chinese UI. Fix buffer overflow bug.2012/03/27 v1.35 Change sampling rate to 44.1 kHz to improve compatibility. Add Reversing/Resampling effect. Temporarily remove preference page.2012/03/21 v1.341 Fix compatibility issue.2012/03/21 v1.34 Add Time Stretching effect.2012/03/17 v1.33 Significantly reduce synthesis time on ARMv7. Add preference page.2012/03/04 v1.32 Fix minor issues.2012/03/04 v1.31 Add error handling.2012/03/03 v1.3 Add Robotization effects, Traditional Chinese/Japanese UI and menu.2012/03/01 v1.22 Fix layout issue on QVGA display.2012/02/28 v1.21 Fix layout issue.2012/02/28 v1.2 Fix layout issue.2012/02/27 v1.1 Reduce memory usage.2012/02/26 v1.0 First version.
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