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App: North Dakota Road Conditions

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Category Weather
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Map of current road conditions in ND. Allows the smart phone user to interact with the map. This is simply the map found at but in a shortcut form.

Please Note: the data is provided as is and without liability, from the NDDOT. The NDDOT web services are dynamic and are not designed for or intended to be used in any high usage application. Please use discretion as unintended uses may severely affect the users of the Official NDDOT Travel Information system and could affect public safety. NDDOT reserves the right to limit usage, discontinue, or modify any of these services at any time. The NDDOT does not guarantee this data to be free from errors, or inaccuracies, and disclaims any responsibility or liability for interpretations or decisions based on this data.

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