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App: Lomo Photo Lab

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Requires os version:Android1.5 and up
Best camera app that helps you to process your existing photos.

Our application allows you to apply following camera effects to your existing photos:

* Lomo CameraProcess photos in lomo style. Nice vignetting along with a processing will make you feel like you are using real Lomo camera.

* Old CameraWhat? Is it my android or a real camera? Low contrast and a lot of scratches will remind your granmother's photos.

* Underwater CameraHave you every seen all these paper cameras in boxes that divers take? You will have a chance to test them!

* Square PhotosThe most popular format is a 'square'. Take square photos.

* Polaroid Photos With CaptionsCreate polaroid photos with captions and send funny messages to your friends.

* Tilt ShiftYou can make the big objects look small with 'Tilt Shift' camera. For better effect please make sure that you take shots from the point which is high enough.

* Fish EyeDon't try it with faces of your friends. EVER!

* 4 in OneTake 4 shots and the camera will mix them together in 1 photo.

* SupersamplerThe camera is similar to the one above but the shape of each photo differs.

For every camera there are 12 effects.* Cross process* Push process* Black & White* Old Photo* Vintage* Sepia* Rusty* Polaroid* Paper* Dreams* Film


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