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App: MySpyPhoneâ„¢

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
** Now with Motion Detection! **

Keep an eye on the babysitter, monitor the birdbath, or secure your home. MySpyPhoneâ„¢ is a great app to keep an eye on important things while you are away. MySpyPhoneâ„¢ is everywhere - check out the internet!

Motion detection is now a key component of this application.

MySpyPhoneâ„¢ uses a complex proprietary algorithm to detect motion - it is a wonderful enhancement to this inexpensive application. MySpyPhoneâ„¢ captures images at short intervals and performs a comparison between those images. If the image varies beyond a given amount, MySpyPhoneâ„¢ "detects motion".

Motion Detection is more difficult to achieve when you are outside; cloud coverage and wind may impact motion detection to a much greater extent than when you are inside. So, when running this application outside, it may make more sense to collect pictures on a known schedule.

When you use the motion detection, don't point at something like a television that is constantly changing.

MySpyPhoneâ„¢ also takes pictures on a schedule using your rear-facing camera. It takes 100's of pictures over a wide ranging period of time (partially dependent on the phone's battery life - some users keep it plugged in). Pictures will appear in your Gallery for review. Tying MySpyPhoneâ„¢ to a backup service like SugarSync or Dropbox, will allow you to monitor things remotely.

When MySpyPhoneâ„¢ is running, it disguises itself as a standard clock - no one will know that it is taking pictures (no flash, no shutter sound)! Only you know that by swiping from right to left, you can see the status of a current run.

A trial (free) version of MySpyPhoneâ„¢ is available. Downloading it will give you a good feel for how this application works; the trial version does not contain Motion Detection.

*************We have tested this application on numerous phones; it has also passed the rigorous Amazon Marketplace test suite. If you have any technical difficulties, please contact us via email. We will do our best to satisfy you!*************

Do not use this application for illegal activities!

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