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App: Hello Kitty Beauty Salon LW

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Category Live Wallpaper
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
From the makers of your favorite portable game comes a new app for your Android device! The Hello Kitty Beauty Salon Live Wallpaper is an innovative, cute and fascinating mobile app for android devices. This interactive wallpaper is inspired by the much-loved game; Hello Kitty Beauty Salon

If you also play the Hello Kitty Beauty Salon game, you can enjoy all of the wallpapers' great features. Any Sanrio character that you have in your Beauty Salon will also be available to add to the wallpaper. So if you have Hello Kitty in your Beauty Salon, you will also be able to add Hello Kitty to your wallpaper too!

Download Hello Kitty Beauty Salon Live Wallpaper for FREE from the Google Play today and enjoy having the Sanrio Characters' company and cuteness with you wherever you go!

Special Features

But wait! There's more! The Hello Kitty Beauty Salon Live Wallpaper also has other special features:

- In the Settings menu for the wallpaper, you can change which characters appear. You can put up to 3 Sanrio characters all at once. Play Hello Kitty Beauty Salon to unlock all of the Sanrio Characters! - Watch your favorite characters happily walk around the wallpaper, and see the blossoms and petals of the flowers flutter across the screen. - The Day/Night cycle in real time will affect the horizon at the background of the wallpaper. The wallpaper will show a clear blue, sunny sky during daytime and a purple star lit sky during the evening.

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