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App: 3D Puerto Rico Flag Anthem LWP

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Category Live Wallpaper
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
A top quality Puerto Rico flag live wallpaper! A perfect live wallpaper for celebrating Puerto Rico independence day or national day! Feel proud of your country? Let this Puerto Rico flag fly high in your phone!

APP HIGHLIGHTS==============✔ Real OpenGL 3D animation! Not a video loop or animated gif!✔ Fully interactive! Shake phone, blow wind or touch screen to let the Puerto Rico flag fly!✔ Play Puerto Rico national anthem!✔ Floating cloud, thunderstorm, snowing, starry night etc animated background effect!✔ Lighting control!✔ Use own photo as background!✔ Use own audio file as national anthem!✔ Optimize for both tablet and phone, portrait and landscape mode!✔ Set as live wallpaper or run as standalone app!

IMPORTANT HINTS===============* Tap screen twice to start/stop wind!* Visit for other countries flags!

PERMISSION===============* Hardware permission is used for blow wind detection.

Feel proud of your country, let this Puerto Rico flag live wallpaper always flying high in your home screen!

We hope that these 3D national flag apps are of use to anyone wanting to learn more about the nations of the world. We truly believe that knowledge of other nations and cultures will help lead to further peace and understanding in the world, and learning about other national flags and anthems is a good beginning.

CREDITS=========Some background images are from Flickr common creative as below. Thanks for sharing such great pictures!

Title: Cementario SantaAuthor: vxlaURL:

Title: San JuanAuthor: martinvarsavskyURL:

Title: Isla de CabraAuthor: Ricymar Fine Art Photography URL:

Title: El MorroAuthor: YinghaiURL:

Title: San CristolbolAuthor: FotoDawgURL:

Title: Castillo San FelipeAuthor: breezy421URL:

Title: Old San JuanAuthor: breezy421URL:

Title: Bienvenido a Puerto RicoAuthor: BuddhablessURL:

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