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App: Blood Pressure (My Heart)

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Category Medical
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
This application helps in controlling blood pressure and improves the method of dealing with hypertension.With it you can easily store and analyze all of your blood pressure measurements .It also generates ancillary information necessary for the proper treatment of arterial hypertension, which you can directly send to your doctor on the automatically generated reports.

Key features:★ Very easy to use user interface★ Save, edit or update you measurement★ Describe your records:● Tags - write short descriptions and use them repeatedly● Date and time of BP measurement● The values ​​of blood pressure - systolic, diastolic, pulse and weight● Description★ Support for multiple users.★ Interactive charts visualizing trends in blood pressure★ Stats: Pulse pressure, MAP - Mean Arterial Pressure, Pressure Indicator, Average Blood Pressure★ Export data to a file :● CSV● XML● PDF - detailed reports★ Reminders★ Filters - unlimited possibilities in your hand. Decide what data the application will show, analyze or export!★ Appearance - Customize the appearance of the application to your needs

Visit Support page of the Blood Pressure applications with more detailed instructions (page translation is available in the lower right corner of the screen):

However, remember that you still need to have a pressure gauge, in order to read the values ​​of blood pressure. In addition, this application does not replace professional medical advice!

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