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App: EB GPS Speedometer

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Category Transportation
Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
This is a GPS Speedometer application with HUD (Heads-Up Display) mode that uses your built in GPS receiver to display your moving speed and heading on large "LED like" display.Features include:Large speed and heading display, HUD mode that uses your windshield to reflect the speed display and appears in your straight ahead view, voice speed reporting with selection of report frequency and language (if your device supports it), speed limit mode with visual and/or audible warnings, units of measure choice including MPH and km/h, choice of "LED" colors, adjustable or automatic screen brightness, will not allow the display to timeout so you can drive for hours without interacting with your device.Designed for devices with build in GPS.Landscape mode only.A Free Ad-supported version is also available for you to try before purchasing a full paid version.Email us with any issues before posting negative rating.We will try to correct any issues associated with this app.
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