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App: Photo Album Organizer

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Category Media & Video
Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
Photo Album Organizer will copy selected pictures on your phone into a new photo album that you create. It creates quick albums on your phone for better viewing. Your photo albums are available in external photo viewing apps like Gallery.

Create, edit, delete your photo albums.

** Not compatible with Galaxy SIII **

More Detailed Information:--------------------------When Photo album organizer makes an album it will create a duplicate picture on your phone by copying the selected pictures into the new album, one original and one new album copy. Photo Album Organizer only manages the album copies when updating/deleting albums!

*Photo album organizer never deletes the original copies to protect your pictures.*

Tip - "Thumbnail not found" messages:Each album keeps a reference to the original picture for update purposes. If you happen to delete the original picture this will show a "Thumbnail not found" message. To fix this simply update your album and it will fix the missing thumbnail icon.

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