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App: EWP 2011 Electrical Wiring Pro

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Electrical Wiring Pro is now EWP 2011. A new separate app, EWP 2014, has the samefunctionality, but is updated for the 2014 NEC. EWP 2014 will receive new featuresand EWP 2011 is now in maintenance/bugfix mode.

** If you are thinking of buying this app, you probably want to buy EWP 2014 instead.**

Over 40 Useful Electrical Calculators & Tools, each of which could be an appin its own right.

For Electricians, Power Engineers and other Electrical Professionals.Written by a working Electrician using it on a daily basis.

Calculations per National Electrical Code 2005, 2008 and2011.

o NEW Residential/Load Calculations- Single Family Dwelling- Multi Family Dwelling- Range Calculations- Send results via email for verification and documentation

o Ampacity / Wire Size (AWG only) - Wire Size -> Ampacity - Ampacity Needed -> Wire Size - Voltage Drop -> Wire Size - Dwelling Service Size - GEC Size - EGC Size - New Ampacity section includes o Improved user interface, o NEC 2005, 2008 and 2011 (the updates are accounted for by the app) o > 700 locations with Ambient Temps

o Boxes / Cover - Box Size from Wires / Devices - Box Size from Cables / Devices - Standard Box and Typical Plaster Ring INfo - Pull Box Sizing

o Conduit Fill - Wires -> Conduit Size Needed - Wires/Conduit -> % full - Maximum Wires/Conduit - Conduit Size Details - Wire Size Details

o Conduit Bending- Standard and Rolled Offsets- Parallel Offsets- 3-point Saddle- Round and rectangular corner obstacles- Segment Bends- Minimum Bend Radius One-Shot/Full Shoe or Other bends

o Voltage Drop - Required voltage or % drop -> Wire Size - Voltage Drop Calculation - Maximum Length for voltage or % drop - Maximum Load for voltage or % drop - Impedance given wire length

o Motors - FLC, Wire, Breaker, Heater, Starter, Conduit etc. Sizing - Locked Rotor Current - KVAR Capacitor Correction - NEMA Motor Dimensions

oTransformers - Basic Transformer Sizing - Overcurrent Protection Device Sizing - Transformer Faults - Delta-Wye configuration

o Wire / Device info- Standard Receptacle configurations - AWG-Metric wire size comparison - Ethernet TIA-568A/B Color Codes - RJ 11/14/25 Color Codes - Resistor Color Codes

o Other- In-Foot <-> Metric, Construction Fraction <-> Decimal converter - Parallel Load Calculator - Pire Wheel / Ohms Law - Cover Depth - Temperature Conversion for 8 different scales

If you would like to report bugs or suggestions, please send them to:support aatt intineo dot comrather than use the comment mechanism so we can responddirectly -- thank you.

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