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App: Starbucks Secret Drinks

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Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
Starbucks secret menu is finally available to everyone with over 75 Drinks! Ever wonder what a "Zebra Mocha" is? How about a "Dirty Chai"? These are 2 of the secret drinks that are known only to a few Starbucks insiders. This app has over 75 secret drink recipes that can be made at Starbucks. Everything Starbucks has to offer from banana splits to raspberry passion teas. We made this app so that you can finally try these delicious drinks!

Rather than asking for the drinks by name, this app will show the barista taking your order the exact instructions how to make each drink. These drinks are SECRET there a on a hidden menu!! So not all Starbucks Employees know how to make each drink. Don't settle for the same old coffee fix, don't settle for the same old cup, magic blends make tasty Coffee and Tea Creations. Its simple, fast and efficient, and has 2 separate ordering methods in case you are in a drive-through Starbucks location or want an alternative ordering method. This app does not act as a paying method like starbucks card mobile app does. It shows the barista how to make the drink in the exact way it should be made!

Hidden menu Secret Drinks is an independently developed application from JRG Software. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by Starbucks Corporation. These drinks are not made up by Starbucks Corporation.

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