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App: Love Compatibility Horoscope

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Based on the principles of numerology, this love compatibility calculator allows you to check the compatibility between two people in romance, love and emotion.Similar to astrology, numerology is a belief system that dates back many centuries. The main idea of numerology is that our lives are affected by our birth date. It is believed that numerology can not only help you understand better yourself, but it can also help you to understand and improve your relationships, love and family life and find your matching partner.

Here is what some users have to say about this app:

*** "The little summary it had was completely right about me and my man as individuals and us together as a couple. So freakishly right it shocked me. So if your single or in a new relationship... I might use this apps advice"*** "Scary scary scary good!!!! It not only gave a freakishly accurate description of my wife and i, it also said me and my ex were completely incompatible. Which is true since she shot at me and stole my truck!!! Must have app for all!! So awesome!"*** "SCARY I have been waiting to ask someone out and this apps prediction was "You are both independent and passionate people. If you allow each others space that you need, your romance can be a long passionate one" and a few days later it HAPPENED!!!!!!!"

This free app calculates the life path number for each of the two persons in a couple and based on those creates a love compatibility horoscope - an assessment of your emotional and romantic compatibility in life, taking into account matters of love, intimacy, compassion, appreciation, and affinity. This love horoscope app is a perfect download for Valentine's Day, whether you are looking for love or just having fun. Do not let the future of your relationship be based on coincidence. Verify your expectation for the traits, the intellect and the temperament of your lover, future husband or wife with the help of this calculator, then share your mutual love horoscope on Facebook. This free app does not use the zodiac and is not based on astrology, but on the numerological calculations based on your birth dates. Test the future and the destiny of your partnership with Love Compatibility Horoscope.

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