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App: (AA) 10th Step Check In

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Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
You always have your phone with you. Now you always have a way to check in with yourself and your recovery. No more excuses. Just answer 10 yes/no questions each day covering the basics of the program such as prayer, resentment, and service. If you have more to say, extra space is provided to elaborate on your answers. Then, use the star ratings, score chart, and word cloud views to see your progress, trouble areas, and focus over different time periods. Dated entries are editable and reviewable, and can easily be tied to more traditional pen/paper 10th step inventories. The export feature gives you access to your check-ins in a single document which you can save as a backup, open in Excel, or even share with your sponsor. The installed app icon and title are inconspicuous to preserve your anonymity. Set a PIN to lock the app and ensure your privacy. The idea is to put 10th step accountability in your pocket. Hope you will try it out!

If you have any technical difficulties or issues, please let us know. We will be happy to help resolve them. We are 100% absolutely interested in your feedback and suggestions for new features and enhancements. If you like the app, please say so by leaving a positive review/rating. Thanks for sharing :)

*Tell your friends with iPhones that a version will be released for them soon!!!

Alcoholics Anonymous / AA / 12 steps / twelve steps / big book / recovery

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