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App: MemberScan

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Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
MemberScan is the easiest Android barcode app to get rid of membership reward cards from your keychain and wallet. Use MemberScan on your Android device and create your barcode for any vendor instantly.Notice: Android barcodes work great on traditional scanners. Results are inconsistent on flat scanners. There are simple settings below to increase your success. When you create a new entry simply ask the vendor to try and scan it so you know what type of equipment they are using. Have fun with this app.Designed with speed in mind, you will instantly access any of your membership barcodes for quick scanning. Displayed in most recently used order makes it easy to scan your fuel savings barcode, check all four kids into the gym and save on groceries at checkout. Add any new member reward account by clicking the Plus sign and MemberScan will generate the barcode on your screen for immediate use.Features:Easy access to all of your member reward accounts in one location.Create multiple instances for the same business like your family library cards allowing for husband, wife, all kids, etc. to have accounts all in the same copy of MemberScan.Add your own Member programs instantly by typing in the number under the barcode on the reward card.Add / Edit / Delete any entry with ease.Submit New Barcode formats if needed automatically from the application.Automatic landscape display for easy scanning on “tight scans” used on fuel pumps.Tips for Successful scanningSet Screen to full brightness. Scan at a slight angle Screen protectors can help eliminate glare. Some Vendors use odd barcodes so instantly submit a new code suggestion from inside MemberScan to Tech Support while using the application. Attaching a photo is appreciated. Tech Support will incorporate new bar code types and notify you of the enhancement. TestimonialMemberScan is simple and fast. That means I will actually use it. If I come across an odd barcode, I simply submit it to support and they enhance the product. As a mother of 4, it works for me. – Jill.It works most of the time like they said. My gym has a flat scanner at check in where it won’t work but a trigger style scanner at the snack bar where MemberScan works every time. So my opinion is it does what they said for a buck. - ChrisScanning equipment – Some retailers have older scanning equipment that does not consistently read newer devices and /or digital devices such as Android devices. Scanning issues are not a result of the app, it is the scanner type. This app successfully works for you on non-flat bed scanners.
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