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App: Scalechek

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Category Transportation
Requires os version:Android2.0 and up
Here are just a few examples of how Scalechek could help prevent tickets.If an owner-operator decides to add more lights to his vehicle, with no modification to the factory-installed lights, this is legal, but should he get stopped on an inspection station and if one light bulb is not working, he can, and most likely will be fined for it.

Some drivers wait to update their logbook, but US regulation 395.13(b) (3) states the driver must be given the opportunity to bring it up to date if stopped at an inspection station.Any State has the right to meet or exceed federal law, so it’s completely up to the State and inspection stations discretion to give you a moment or not to bring it up to date.The goal of this application is to make the drivers safe, responsible, and professional, by providing them with an informative tool that can alert them during their voyage to be fully prepared. They have the possibility to configure the application to receive a warning of an upcoming scale at either 10 or 50 miles away, or both distances, or just to visualize the location on the map.

Plus,Scalechek is a community of users working together to keep a current and updated status of governmental weight stations. This user community driven app prompts you to indicate close or open for the scale status when arriving at the scale, thus by participating, the community is always informed.

The perfect tool for independent truckers and big trucking outfits, helping to be productive and efficient throughout their itinerary.

Allows drivers to quickly and easily locate governmental weight stations.

Includes, Geo-location and Map display: positioning of the truck and the weight stations within the U.S. and Canada.

Highly configurable, automatically signals the presence of oncoming weight stations up to 50 miles /80 KMs.

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