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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
NOTE: call 1-800-736-9282 to register your phone.

Android tpMobile is a mobile HOS application that runs on certified Android devices and allows access to the Xata Turnpike system. With Xata Turnpike’s full range of compliance management solutions you will stay compliant and in service. There are no upfront hardware costs, and you pay only a single low subscription price per vehicle each month. Installation takes just 10 minutes. No dashboard to drill, no dome to mount.

The mobile application is easy to use and was designed to be viewed in a similar fashion as traditional paper log books. The RouteTracker device (ordered separately) is directly connected to the vehicle ECM and wirelessly connects the handheld to the vehicle by using Bluetooth technology. HOS will automatically change duty status based on vehicle movement and is fully compliant with section 395.15. GPS and engine diagnostic data are key components used to ensure HOS accuracy. Vehicle speed, RPM, and GPS data integration validate this process. All data is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a secure website that can be accessed via the Internet.

XATA TURNPIKE BENEFITS- 100% compliant with FMCSA and DOT requirements- Monitors fuel economy, idling and hard braking- Features a variety of engine warning/fault codes, including oil pressure, check engine and transmission fluid- Operates on cell phones and smartphones—driver logs are displayed right on the device- No permanent installation- Available for driver teams or "slip seating"

OUR SOLUTIONS INCLUDE- Complete Electronic Logs. Prevent HOS violations, speed up DOT audits and cut administrative time and paperwork.- Fuel Tax Reporting. Automate your fuel-tax reporting processes.- DVIR. Manage inspections and stay compliant.- And much more!

BENEFITS FOR DRIVERS- Intuitive driver-interface requires minimal driver interaction - Driver notifications warn drivers of low remaining hours- Graphical logs make roadside inspections easy and safe

BENEFITS FOR FLEET MANAGERS- Automatic alerts of low remaining hours or violations- Secure, online access to electronic log records eliminate paperwork and make audits easy- Identify HOS (Hours of Service) -related risk trends

CONFIGURABLE AND EXPANDABLE RULE-SETS- Team driver logging- 60-7 rule, 70-8 rule and other intrastate rule sets - 16-hour "Big Day"- Oilfield exemptions- Salesperson exemptions- Canadian Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 Logs

HOS (HOURS OF SERVICE) DETAILS- Fully certified with U.S. Regulations (CFR 395.15)- 395.16 development and certification in progress- Support for oilfield exemption and driver salesperson exemptions- Support for Canadian regulations

CSA - BE POSITIVE, BE PROACTIVECSA (2010). EOBR regulations. Distracted driving. Whatever the rule or regulation, our solutions—including electronic driver logs, fuel-tax reporting and DVIR—address 5 of the 7 BASICS safety categories: fatigued driving, unsafe driving, vehicle maintenance, cargo-related measures and crash indicators.

Ask us for tpMobile for other mobile platforms!

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