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App: Angel HD Wallpapers

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Category Comics
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Angels, wise, mighty, with virtue.

We have thousands HD angel wallpaper pictures in this application.You can choose your favorite ones as the phone's desktop background. These are the HD resolution photo suitable for most mobile phones and tablets.

Features:⭐️ set your favorite picture as your desktop background.⭐️ on the picture to zoom in for easier browsing.⭐️ According to the latest, most popular, most viewed etc. sort browse albums.⭐️ save the image to your local

Western culture, from religion angel in Judaism, Christianity, Islam species, there is the concept of angels. In the Bible, angels are the Lord had made them in God's image is portrayed, a servant of God, an angel without men Everyone points.Angel graded as follows: --- the three divine class (Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones); --- the three sub-classes (main angel, angel force, Angel); the next three --- Spirit class (right angels, archangels, Angels).There are some well-known angel: as Gabriel, Michael, Yibilisi, Rafael Ruiz, Azrael.Characteristics of angels: angels with a pair of beautiful wings, white or black feathers with super powers and magic with the devil and demons fight to protect human mythology and art are all praise and worship God help....

Copyright Notice:Every one of our pictures have been several people several times audit to ensure each picture is not involved in copyright and trademark issues. Our pictures are saved on our own server. If you find a picture of which may involve copyright disputes Please contact us first remove the picture.

Finally, I hope you will like our angel wallpaper application, we have a selection of other types of wallpaper.

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