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App: Bass Booster

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
This free bass booster app will bring your Android listening experience to a whole new level! It really shines compared to other bass amps. Please remember that bass booster works best with headphones or external speakers, so don't rate bad because your device speakers can't handle the big boost! Only your music sound will be boosted, other audio streams like: SMS alert sound, ring sound will be left intact.


✓ bass booster✓ media volume control✓ five or six band equalizer (the number of bands is detected automatically and depends on your device)✓ save custom presets✓ default preset for max bass boost✓ can run in background✓ volume booster✓ optimized for tablet use

How to use:

1) plug in your headphones2) play some music3) enter the app4) use the bass boost control slider to set the boost you want5) if that's not enough for you, then also use the equalizer, you can choose the default preset, or better, compose your own6) enjoy the bass boosted soundTo disable the effects, enter the application, set the bass boost to 0 and disable the equalizer. Then you can close the app and the sound will lose the bass boost effect. You can also use this app as a bass amp or a volume amp.NOTE: if you have other bass booster aps installed, please disable them in order for this one to work properly!

Tester reviews:

- "This really works! I was skeptical at first, but you can really hear the bass boost."- "Wow, I can control my volume with the eq or just use the bass boost slider to get what I want more easily."


I'd love to hear your ideas on how to improve the bass booster. Don't hesitate to contact me, remember to rate and click that +1 button! Thanks!

This app only uses what the Android system provides, so it will not break your phone. I am however not responsible for any hearing problems or hardware failures caused by this app. Don't listen at full volume for too long! Also note that this free bass booster may not work on some devices.

The location permissions are for ad targeting only. The app contains no push notification ads, no icon ads, so feel safe!

The headphones in the icon are made by Svengraph, check out his work on deviantart or iconarchive!


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