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App: Boat Browser Mini

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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Boat Browser Mini is a fast, simple and beautiful web browser, which brings a better user experience on all Android devices!- The UI is simple, clean and easy to use…- We include a Speed Dial homepage, which can easily be replaced by your own homepage!- It’s quick to start up, load and render pages…- More Personalized Themes are coming soon! - Multiple language support! - Supports visual multi-tabs in the gallery…- Multi-touch Pinch to Zoom support…- Supports creating shortcuts from a web page to your home screen…- Supports a full screen option button in the menu…- Easily add bookmarks!- Animation effects when operating!- You can hide, Zoom in/Zoom out, buttons in the settings menu…- Supports dominant WAP website format…- Supports Adobe Flash Player on Android 2.2 and above…- Supports a powerful download manager!- Super easy “Gingerbread style” copy/paste tool…- Supports App to SD function!- Supports Cache to SD function!- Adds volume key control setting for switching tabs, scrolling up/down the page and zooming into the page…- Adds an Incognito mode for (private browsing)…

About Ads:In this free version, users may see two kinds of Ads:1. Banner ads in some pages, such as bookmark page.2. Interstitial ads when users exit the browser.

Keywords: browser, mobile browser, web browser

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