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App: cellMUTE+

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Category Transportation
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
The FIRST & ONLY App to provide a TOTAL Solution to SMART silent your phone!Driving (prevent distracted attention), meetings, theaters, a DATE and even a trip abroad.Especially when it comes to DRIVING, your phone will CEASE from tempting you to use it, thus decreasing significantly the chance of an accident.

In a way cellMUTE will essentially teach your "SMART" phone some MANNERS!***All FEATURES OF THIS APP CAN BE DISABLED by choice of the user***

Attention:1. A CHARGER & Bluetooth Hands-free Device is RECOMMENDED for best AUTO "drive mode" recognition.2. To RECEIVE CALLS while driving a HANDS FREE DEVICE (Bluetooth or wired) must be in use.3. Auto driving Mode WILL NOT engage when battery is less than 50% and without a charger connection.4. cellMUTE is a stand alone app! 0 (zero) or NO personal information from your phone is sent out.5. PLEASE PLEASE SHARE!!! because I am running out of money for advertisements....

Listed below this sentence are the features of cellMUTE app in a form of questions & answers:

Question:Did you ever forget your phone on "silent" & missed calls?Answer:cellMUTE gives you a TIMER to set the duration of silent/vibrate mode.

Question:Did you ever had to text someone that you are busy & can't talk right now?Answer:cellMUTE will auto-text your contacts your status & inform them that you will get back to them.

Question:Did you ever feel that while driving your phone is "tempting" you to use it?Answer:cellMUTE will silence your notifications & lock the screen while you drive. we eliminate risky temptations!!!

Question:When you go abroad, wouldn't you like to screen all calls except specific contacts?Answer:cellMUTE will screen all calls (when activated) EXCEPT chosen contacts. auto text message will be sent only to registered contacts. useful when abroad.

Question:Did you ever feel that your phone controls you rather then you control him?Answer:cellMUTE will EDUCATE your phone!!!

+ cellMUTE will remind you NOT TO FORGET extremely important stuff in the vehicle!!!

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