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App: Cliqdo - Motivation to DO

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Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
DOERS:Whether you want to lose weight, keep those New Year’s resolutions, get fit or learn guitar, CliqDo makes sure you get things done. Just click and choose the plan for youFinally, a way to get it done. Sign up and see why 1000s of people are using CliqDo to meet their goals. It’s never been simpler to DO.


Most people find it difficult to strike a balance between health , hobbies , school , career, friends , and family…. It’s very difficult to combine everything optimally and not to forget what we have to do. In order to help you manage your tasks and goals, we’ve created this app to allow anyone anywhere to successfully remember and complete each program and task they choose. ------------------------------------------------APP FEATURES------------------------------------------------• Increase motivation and change everything• Get a personal coach for diet, fitness, cooking, learn an instrument, or for your studies • Let your friends help you – Make life changes together• Helps you DO everything – Our Alarm won’t let you forget your plans• Choose new plans from the list of available plans – make more than one change at a time!• Supports video, animated gifs and text – To help you make and DO the right plan for youCOACHES, FITNESS PROS, DIETICIANS AND MOREIf you want to create an app to gain more followers, fans and clients, this is also for you. Use CliqDo to create a tailored easy to share plan and share it with the world!Your CliqDo is simple to create, and makes it easy to inspire yourself and your clients to action. Whether you’re running your own business, are a coach or fitness pro looking for an easy way to share diet and workout plans CliqDo is for you.------------------------------------------------APP FEATURES------------------------------------------------• Simple but powerful tool to attract clients and followers.• Easy to use & share• Make changes in every aspect of your life• Choose top free plans and start to DO now• Add your friends to your plans so you can DO plans together

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