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App: Direct Ridesharing

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Category Transportation
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
Have you ever wondered.... - As a rider/passenger: “I bet there’s someone nearby who could drive me where I want to go” - As a driver: “I bet there’s someone nearby willing to share my car and reduce my costs”

Direct Ridesharing provides with the best carshare options when and where they need them.

Direct Ridesharing is revolutionising passenger transport by connecting drivers and passengers immediately. You no longer need to plan your journey in advance! This app works in real time and GPS-guidance technology will direct the driver to their future passenger in no time at all. It is efficient, economical and sociable!

- Riders: A driver going the same way as you will come and pick you up. The app will only suggest available cars who can drop you at your destination. - Drivers: The app will only suggest passengers with a destination en route to yours.

Thanks to GPS technology and complex algorithms, the app is able to: - Identify possible rideshares in real time - Filter users according to your criteria (maximum detour etc.) and to find the right match for you - Guide drivers to their future passengers - Pay the driver at the click of a button - Automatically detect your regular journeys so you no longer need to think about searching for passengers. The app will find you available ridesharers, thanks to its automatic launch function.

You no longer need to waste time or money organising inconvenient travel plans. Find a ride that suits you and meet new people in the process!

Keywords : Carpooling, ridesharing, transport, hitchhiker

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