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App: Fashion Math

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Category Education
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
The highly rated Fashion Math game designed especially for girls, previously available only on the iPhone, now available for the Android.

Fashion Math is one of the only games specifically designed to make learning math fun and exciting for girls! Girls start off by getting Credits for solving math equations in the Stars game, once they get the credits they can then buy items to dress up their doll Once the girls dress up their Fashion Doll, they can take her picture to show their friends. The images are stored in the "fashionmath" directory on your phone's SD card. The Fashion Math Pro Edition has a built-in Photo Gallery to view the dolls images.With a large variety of dresses, hairstyles, shoes and pets, girls will be constantly inspired to play the Stars math game so they can change the accessories.Settings: There are three items that can be adjusted in the settings screen.* The first setting is the numbers to use in the equations. This is a slider that allows you to select the highest number to use in the equations. Players will receive more credits per correct answer, in the stars game, as this setting is increased.* The second setting is the type of Question. This allows you to select either Addition or Subtraction.* The third setting allows you to turn the sound on or off. Earn Credits (Stars Game): The Stars game will ask five questions based on the preferences defined in the Settings and display six stars for each question. Girls then select the star with the correct answer.Girls earn credits for each correct answer and lose credits for each wrong answer.Dress Up: Once players earn credits, they can then go to the Dress Up section to purchase new hair, dresses, shoes and pets for their Fashion Doll.

Fashion Math was inspired by my desire to create a game that would make learning math fun and exciting for my daughters.

Fashion Math is a free Ad supported software package. It requires permission to access the internet to retrieve ads and permissions to your SD Card to save images of the Fashion Dolls.

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