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App: Food Builder

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Requires os version:Android4.1 and up
Food Builder is the easiest way to store, manage, and share the nutrition data of your own recipes. No matter if you are a student, a restaurant owner, or a nutrition enthusiast, Food Builder is the way to do it.


Besides a Clean User Interface, and its independence of an internet connection to look for products, Food Builder has the following features:

1) Create recipes using a database with more than 1000 products2) Customize recipes with images (Internet connection needed to look images on the web, if that's the case)3) Share recipes, and nutrition information4) Add more products to the database5) Each product has 28 columns of important information, such as minerals and vitamins that may be checked at any time.

Note: Food Builder is not a Calorie Counter, nor a Diet App. Food Builder only works with grams (SI) The provided nutrition data is presented per 100 grams of edible portions or net grams, including those products used or served with the disposable portion as part of the food (eg.) chicken. In the case of liquids, the composition also corresponds to 100 grams. In some cases, the density of some liquids is very close to 1, which may be assumed equal to 100 cc.

PLEASE! Before giving a negative review:

1) Read the entire description to understand the app completely.2) Try using the feedback option within the app. If you let me know any of your concerns, I will try my best to solve them.3) if you don't have any more options, please, be specific in your "negative" review :(4) if the app crashes, report immediately. That is the only way to attack these problems.


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