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App: Free Text Tones

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
The wait is over. Download this app and CUSTOMIZE YOUR NEW TEXT TONE on your Android device for FREE.

ABOUT THE FREE VERSION: The free version allows you to download an unlimited number of ringtones for a selection of our full paid app. Upgrade to the full app for more ringtone options.

TONS OF FREE TEXT TONES INCLUDED Tons of sound effects, weather sounds, pets, animals, explosions, sirens, comedians, silly, popular sounds, requests from customers, lasers, quotes, babies, video games, classical music, gross, old school, and more! Start personalizing your Android alerts.

UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS Download this app once, and you can download an UNLIMITED number of alerts to customize your device with. You will NOT be charged each time you download a tone. Save money

NOTE: The ability to customize each alert-type varies based on which Android device you are using. Please contact your manufacturer (e.g. Motorola, Samsung, Sony) to verify which alert types you can customize.

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