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App: Fuse: Photo. Group. Chat.

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Category Social & Community
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Fuse brings sharing disappearing chats and images to groups of friends. Groups keep your fuses organized, you’ll always know who’s included! There’s even the option to post anonymously! Have fun guessing which of your friends posted the anonymous Fuse.

Lighting a Fuse is simple: create a group, share a photo, and enjoy before the conversation disappears from view!

Features: ★ SPARK CUSTOM GROUPS - Tailor your groups to your friends.★ SHARE A CONVERSATION - Share fleeting moments for just a bit longer! Add text or send in Ghost Mode. Then chat away! ★ LIGHT A FUSE & LET IT BURN - Have fun, your Fuse only lasts a limited time before it disappears from view! ★ GUESS WHO - Ghost Mode posts to your group anonymously. Let them guess who posted it!

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