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App: Human Anatomy

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The Human Anatomy application is a SIMPLE, attractive educational quick reference app to learn about human body

It contain material including:it description of each element represented below in deatil

Head to NeckHuman Brain: Introduction of Human Brain, Brain Structures and their Functions, Parts of the Human Brain, How Your Brain Works, Human Brain Facts, Brain disorders, Key Points

Human Eyes: Introduction, Parts of Human Eye & Their Functions, How the Human Eye Works, Eye Problems, Facts about Human Eye

Pineal Gland: ntroduction, Third Eye- Pineal Gland, Pineal gland disorders,

Pituitary Gland: Introduction of Pituitary Gland, Functions of the Pituitary Gland, Disorders Affecting the Pituitary Gland, Examples of Common Pituitary Disorders, Pituitary Facts to Remember,

Thyroid Gland: Introduction of Thyroid Gland, Functions of the thyroid gland, Problem with thyroid gland Parathyroid Gland: Introduction of Parathyroid Gland, Importance of parathyroid gland, Function of the parathyroid gland, Diseases of the parathyroid glands, Facts on Parathyroid GlandsThorax: Human Heart: Introduction of Human Heart, Parts of human heart, Human heart function, Anatomy of human heart, Diseases of the Human Heart, Human Heart Interesting Facts,

Human Lungs: Introduction of Human Lungs, How Your Lungs Work, Human Lung Diseases, Lung FactsAbdomen and pelvisHuman Bladder: Introduction of Human Bladder, Structure of the bladder wall, Function of human Bladder, Bladder Tests, Bladder Interesting Facts,

Small Intestine: Introduction of Small Intestine, How the Small Intestine Works, Facts of Small Intestine, Small Intestine Disorders,

Large Intestine: Introduction of Large Intestine, Function of Large Intestine, Disorders of the Large Intestine , facts about the large intestine

Kidneys: Introduction of Kidneys, Function of kidney, Why do kidneys fail, Disease of kidney, Interesting Kidneys Facts Liver: Introduction of Liver, Function of human liver, Signs and Symptoms Liver Diseases Human Organ System: Human respiratory System Nervous System Human Circulatory System Endocrine System Human skelton system Digestive System Human Muscular SystemLymphatic System and Immunity: Introduction Lymphatic System and Immunity, Description of Lymphatic system and immunity, Immune System Organs, Functions of the Blood, Lymphatic, Immune, Diseases of the immune system, Immune and Lymphatic System PhysiologyVestibular System Definition, symptoms, Physiology

A thorough working knowledge of anatomy is required for all medical doctors, especially surgeons, and doctors working in some diagnostic specialities, such as histopathology and radiology.

Human anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry are basic medical sciences, which are generally taught to medical students in their first year at medical school.

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