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App: Locker Prank

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Category Comics
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
There are lots of "scare Apps" out there in the vast plains of the treacherous Google Play market.

But if you really want A high quality application to scare your friends...

Locker Prank is the only "Scare APP" that uses your Locker to scares your friends !!

-------------------------------------------How does it work?

1. Start the prank and lock your phone. The Scare Locker will be set

2. Tell a friend that your phone locker can actually scan and detect your eye and it will only open for you.And now prove it.

2. While scanning press the Volume-Up/Down (Secretly, Without your friend knowing that you pressed it)

3. Move the phone closer to your eye so your friend can see and press and hold anywhere on the screen and wait for 3 animation cycles. when done it would "detect your eye" and open the device for you.

4. Lock your phone and give it to your friend.When he unlocks your phone, your locker will be replaced with the Camera Eye Scanner Locker. (He won't be able to press back and exit from the locker)

Tell him to move it close to his eye and check it out for himself.

When he presses the screen, (Because he didn't press the Volume-up/Down), After three animation cycles A scary image and a scream will startle him!

5. A video of your scared friend will be saved, Share it on Facebook and watch as everyone makes fun of him :)

6. Your regular locker will return.

Note - The regular locker will return only after you scared your friend.


This application is free! However you can purchase in app features to enhance your fun and the scaring abilities!!! :)

1. Feature to customize and choose your own photo that will be displayed when scaring (From the gallery or from the camera)

2. Feature to customize and choose your own Audio that will be played when scaring (Record your own or choose from the gallery)

3. Feature to unlimited video sharing. (Without it you will only be able to share once every two days and the video won't be saved)

4. Feature to use the proximity sensor. Instead of pressing and holding for 3 animation cycles. Simply move the device within 5 cm from your eye and it will detect it. (And really scare your friend)


Warning: Don’t use this app to prank someone with heart or other health conditions that may be affected by a fright. The developers of this app takes no responsibility for any damage caused to your phone (or friends!) from the use of this app.


Oh... and don't forget to review :)

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