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App: Lyrics Grabber

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Lyrics Grabber is a free add-on for Android music players. You continue using your favourite music player as before but Lyrics Grabber adds functionality to view lyrics of any song you are listening to. When you start a song Lyrics Grabber gets its title and artist information from your music player and finds the lyrics for you. Small icon appears automatically on notification bar giving easy access to lyrics and disappears once the song has finished. Simple as that. Give it a try.

- several popular music players are supported with more being added soon;- if your player isn't supported by default, but has setting/option to scrobble via Simple or Scrobble Droid, turn that setting on; that way you can still enjoy Lyrics Grabber;- if automatic lyrics icon seems too intrusive, you can disable/enable it in the Lyrics Grabber menu- internet connection is required, but once lyrics is viewed at least once, it will be cached for offline use- option to edit lyrics (all changes are stored locally in your phone)

Tips for specific audio players:* RocketPlayer - go to "Settings"->"Audio Settings"->"Installed Scrobbler" and set it to "Official"* Cubed - go to "Preferences"->" Scrobbling" is set to either "Simple Scrobbler" or "Scrobble Droid".* MixZing - go to "Settings"->"General" and turn "Scrobble to" on; MixZing support works with little delay (~5 seconds), but is fully functional.* Winamp - make sure you have app installed ( , you don't need to be user); Winamp only sends song info when it can detect app in the device.

Previous version changes:1.0.6 - Added option to edit and copy lyrics (press menu and select "Edit" when viewing lyrics), please don't go crazy with that feature though because changes are saved only locally in your phone1.0.5 - Added offline lyrics support (any lyrics that is grabbed while being online will be cached for future offline use), fixed some bugs1.0.4 - Added option to disable automatic notification icon, added support for SonyEricsson music player, fixed MixZing support1.0.3 - Added Simple and Scrobble Droid support so any player with Simple Droid features is supported by Lyrics Grabber1.0.2 - More players supported, including Spotify1.0.1 - Added search filter for easier lyrics access from song library

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