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App: Panasonic Battery Saver

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Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
In line with our vision to create a Better Life and a Better World, Panasonic’s Battery Saver app helps you conserve energy in multiple ways to extend the battery life and save power. This is one of the best power management apps available in the Google Playstore and has some great features like App Power Consumption Monitor, Over-Charge Notification Ringtone, App Battery Usage History, etc.

Panasonic Battery Saver App helps you... monitor the applications that run in the background and consume your avoid over-charging your phone by notifying you with a unique ringtone when the battery gets 100% understand application battery usage history at set intervals to see the usage close the apps that consume more power. know how much more time the battery can last with the current charge levels

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE APP* Very easy to use* Battery percentage on main page* Extend the battery working life* Simple, interactive and helpful

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