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App: Prank Caller 1.0

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Category Entertainment
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up

This is not the usual recieve a fake call app! Now you're the caller:

Make your friends believe that you're flirting with the best chick in the town, that you're calling the firemen to soak their barbecue or even that you are chatting with a rockstar! With Prank Caller you can fake call any number you wish and before doing so you can record some phrases that will be played during the call.After any of the phrase will be played, you'll say something simulating the conversation and you'll trigger the next sentence by a gentle touch on the screen of your phone! No one will notice that, but they shure will be amazed by your conversation, just don't forget to turn the loundspeaker on! ;) It also has a preinstalled conversation: a fake police report!


-Realistic dialer and in call screen: it uses the default android 4.0 phone app. It's only a fake screen so you can dial to any number you wish without being charged! :)

-Prank Manager: manage your pranks easily, add a photo and a name which will be showed during the call;

-Record the phrases of the conversation with the integrated recorder, you can order, relisten and name them at any time;

-Set the ringing time before the answer and choose if you want to close the app after the call for improved realism;

-Dial 911 / 999 to learn how the app works with the included police report prank;

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