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App: Secret Diary

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Category Lifestyle
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Secret Diary is used to record all your private data about your life events.This can be updated with all the content into your Sdcard in such a way that the content are kept as a secret.

Secret Diary can also be used as a diary which can used to record all the important details.

Once the password has been set then no one can hack into the system.Thus making the application more robust.The encryption methods are more advanced and follows more advance algorithms based the password you give the secret diary makes the content more encrypt in fashion.Hence even the third party hacker cannot hack the Secret diary data that has been present inside.

The contents are show in the form of clip board.You can make any kind of data and store in the vault.

Want to store your Credit card details,Bank account,love letter,Private date's and other personal information then this is the application for you.The secret diary application is stand alone application thus making it more robust so that the app cannot be hacked via Internet.Secret Dairy provide you more security than any other application for android powered devices.

The Secret Diary can also used to store important photo's inside the vault.Just Select the image and store it inside our secret vault.The application has the capacity to add photo inside the vault and you can add story to it.

The application can also add photo's from the sdcard into the secret diary vault and can be used to add comment's to it.Thus making the application into a tracker application

Secret diary with a secret wallet present inside it.Secret diary comes up with a wallet which can be used to track your income and expense effectively.Thus making your wallet more secure and robust.The wallet can track large amount of data.

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