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App: Track a cell phone

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Secretly track your cell phone! Just Install this app on the phone and enter your gmail address, that’s it. Go to and see the phones positionFEATURES:+++ OFFLINE: Even if the phone has no internet the position will be recorded and sent to the website when the phone gets back online+++ WEBSITE: You can check the recorded route of the tracked device any time on any computer via the website +++ MULTIPLE PHONES: You can track multiple devices with one account (your children for example)+++ INVISIBLE: The app can run in the background on the installed device. After the first login you can hide it from the app launcher (the list of your installed apps). +++ HIGH RELIABILITY: The app is optimized for high reliability and low battery consumption. It only runs for 1 second every 10 minutes and can't be seen in the task manager+++ HISTORY: The saved GPS points are stored and you can see it on the website!+++ NO ROOT NEEDED: It runs on any phone and does NOT NEED ROOT or similar. Just install and track!+++ ADD FREE: We will never show any advertisement/annoying popups or anything like that in the Android app The app is helpful in order to find your own mobile phone if it is lost or stolen! It also helps you with your family, track your kids so no one gets lost. Or use it to reassure your jealous wife and send her your locations. Its up to you what you do with this app :)

INSTALLATION:1. Install this app on all devices that should to be tracked2. Start the app (TMF) and enter your Gmail address, which you will also use to login and see the positions at The device will be tracked from then onWe collected your most common questions in our FAQ:

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