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App: Track Location & Car

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Introducing Track Location - location tracking made easier.

Track Location utilizes precise GPS location data in-addition to accurate Google Play Location Services data to pinpoint your location.

*** And now - you can also store the parked location of your car - automatically! ***Remembers where you parked without any intervention from your side.Just click on the Find My Car button to find your way back to the car!

TRAVEL, WITHOUT COMPROMISES. Track Location can be used to manually pinpoint GPS coordinates or automatically to track a journey. Keep track of where you have been with one of the most accessible data types available: GPS coordinates.

EXPORTING DATA, MADE EASIER.Track Location allows you to export your location data as KML or CVS file. Both of these file formats can be read by a variety of programs - including Google Earth and Google Maps for location reference. Show your friends where you have been and share your location information with anyone via Facebook or Twitter - instantly.

ACCURACY, TO THE METER. Our innovative application will also tell you the accuracy of the location data - to the meter. Accuracy can be saved with a value of 1 to 1000 meters. Save your Latitude and Longitude with ease and track where you have been - anywhere that you have GPS availability or network coverage.

IMPORTING DATA, JUST A TAP AWAY.In-addition to exporting KML files, you can also import them. Furthermore, manual GPS coordinates can be inserted to plot a specific point in the world.

Track Location - reinventing GPS location tracking.

- Precise and accurate GPS tracking.- Varying accuracy (1-1000 meters).- Import/Export KML files. - Export of CVS files. - Automatic recording and manual recording.- Simple and easy to use. - See placemarks in the map for the places that you recorded

PLEASE NOTE: Track Location cannot be used to track additional phones, just the device that the app is install upon.

Track Location is an application that stores the spot where you are.

Now is possible to share your saved locations using facebook and twitter.

Find the spots that you love and save all, this way you could show to your friends and familiars later.

Using GPS or internet connection, you can see the latitude and longitude of where you are and save it to check later.

Track Location now uses the google Play Location Services, it bring fast location track with good accuracy.

This app can locate you anywhere. It can uses Wifi, Carrier Network, GPS to find your position, if you are indoor or outdoor, it will find your position.

This app now can track your location and show the an estimated accuracy for the exact spot that you are.

When you travel you can use the auto record feature, the app will save the location of the spots that you visited. Use the KML file generated by the app and see the spots in Google Maps or Google Earth.

Using the KML file it will be possible to use Google Street View and show to your friends all spots that you go.

Track Location will save all your favorite spots you go, even inside your country or other countries that you go.

Track location is great for tourists, record the location of all spots that you go and never forget again.

A must have app for an turist that wants to make tourism when travel to other locations.

More Features- Track your location very fast and precisely- Share your location with your friends and familiars using facebook and twitter- Map show the accuracy in form of a circle (like Google Maps)- See in the map the spot and an placemark where you are and the spots saved in memory- Export the spots in memory to a CVS file to use with Microsoft Excel- Use the auto record option, saves your location and choose the time that you want to save it

Track Location can't track other phones, like people that call you, your friends, boyfriend / girlfriend, husband / wife, fiance / bride, mother / father .

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