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Walk Band is a toolkit of virtual musical instruments customized for Android. It contains tons of features including Piano, Guitar, Drum Kit,Drum Machine, Bass, Multi-tracks synthesizer etc. All instruments use the realistic instrument sounds. You can add the drum beats and guitar chords to your piano melody. Play your favorite music every where with your phone. Another fantastic feature, External MIDI Keyboard over USB is also supported. You can connect your YAMAHA, Roland midi keyboard/controller with Walk Band.

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[ Piano ] - Support Full Keyboard of Piano. - Single Row Mode. Dual Row Mode. Two Player Mode. - Multi-Touch. - Touch pressure detecting. - Key width adjustment. - Five Keyboard Sound: Piano, Music Box, Organ, Rhodes, Synth. - Midi and Audio Recording, Playback and Sharing - Set recordings as Ringtone.

[ Guitar ] - Chords Mode. - Solo Mode. - 3 Guitar Type Sound: Nylon Guitar, Steel String Guitar, Clean Electric Guitar. - Midi and Audio Recording, Playback and Sharing - Pitch Bend for solo mode.

[ Drum Kit ] - Play Along feature: Play beats while playback your favorite mp3. - Five Drum Kit Program: Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Percussion, Dance. - Drum Pad Mode. - Various Demo Beats: Rock, Ballad, ChaCha, Disco, Latin Rock, Polka, Waltz etc. - Midi and Audio Recording, Playback and Sharing - Set As Ringtone etc.

[ Drum Machine ] - Create your own beats with this battery - Five DrumKit Sound: Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Percussion, Dance. - 11 preload demo patterns. - Pitch control. - Speed control. - MIDI recording.

[ Bass ] - Chords Mode. - Solo Mode. - 3 Bass Type Sound: Acoustic Bass, Picked Bass, Slap Bass. - Midi and Audio Recording, Playback and Sharing - Pitch Bend for solo mode.

[ Multitrack Synthesizer ] - Multitrack synthesizer for different instruments - Merge different tracks of the same instrument to one - Import exist recording - For the track recording, you can edit it respectively, such as mute, delete, add the recording, change the volume. - Share your multitrack recording as a standard midi file - Midi Synthesizer - Midi Editor (Piano Roll) Mode - Follows standard midi protocol;

[ Music Zone ] - Upload, share and listen to other user's midi music recording - Add good midi recording to your collection and listen later - Share to your social network

[ External Midi Keyboard over USB ] - Support for External MIDI Keyboard over USB MIDI. You can play Perfect Piano via the external midi keyboard (such as YAMAHA P105, Roland F-120, Xkey, etc) over USB - Pitch Bend wheel support - Notice: Require connect through a USB OTG Cable. A MIDI to USB line also needed if you keyboard only has a MIDI interface

[ Sound Plugins ] - Keyboard: Cello, Flute, High Quality Grand Piano, Soprano Sax, Violin, Strings Ensemble, Electronic Piano, Xylophone, Trumpet, Synth Bass 1, Sitar - Guitar: Acoustic Bass, Jazz Guitar, Overdrive Guitar, Distortion Guitar - Drum Pad / Drum Machine: Metal Kit, New HipHop Kit, House Kit - Bass: Fingered Bass, Palm Muted Bass

This is one of the best musical instrument toolkit for musician, composer, performers, drummers, guitarist, bassist and pianist. Do exercise everywhere.

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