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App: Whatsapp tones

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Whatsapp tones gives you a lot of tones for Whatsapp including also tones for sms and tones for Android phone. You can select the tone you want and then you set the tone as the one to be used by Whatsapp, SMS or you Android phone ringtone.

You will be able to pick among a lot of options, musical ringtones of all genres like rock, country, instrumental, pop, hip hop, jazz, rap, rock n roll, r and b, techno, christian, classic rock, indian songs, guitar, gospel, dubstep, latinos; and all artist Police, Eminem, Queen, Lucu dan Unik, Zikir, One Direction, Minions, Jonhy Cash, Jay Z, Katte Perry,Kevin Hart, Lil Wayne, Zac Brown, Beyonce, Vince Gill, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, John Legend, Nicki Minaj, William Pharrell and John Cena. A lot of very well-known song by this ones like Happy from Willian Pharrell, Dark Horse and Roar by Kate Perry.

There are ringtones from every part of the World, arabic, indian, latinos, Japan, Korea, Hindi songs, islamic and from a lot of trademarks and technologies like Apple, iPhone, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nokia, Hub, HTC, BBM, Blackberry, old phones or oldies.

You can find also a lot of ringtones based on movies and tv themes from tv shows, examples are Matrix, Star Trek, Good bad the ugly, Anime, Star Wars and Bollywood ones.

A lot of popular tones are also in the application like police siren, alarm clock, whistle, kakaotalk, kid, animals, sound effects, jokes, violin, video games, nature songs, noises, gunshot, gararge, cat, belly, alerts, loc voice, universe, ultimate, zen tones to get relaxed, funny...

There is a special tone for senior citizens that allows then to hearing by using a louder tone with a booster so you can hear it very clear.

You can send to my phone your favourite tone so I can use it, you will be able to share by Whatsapp, Facebook or any other application previously installed on your cell phone.

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