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Game: BlackJack - Vegas Casino Cards

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Category Card
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
BlackJack brings the classic casino card game to your Android device. Blackjack tests your luck and your skill as you play against the house for imaginary winnings. Real Blackjack's clean and intuitive interface gets the chips flowing quickly. You begin with a bank of $500. Tap the chips at the bottom of your screen to place your bet. Tap Deal and your hand appears. Blackjack follows standard casino rules, such as the house must take a card on 16 and can't take a card on 17. When your hand is dealt you have the choices: take a hit, stand, or double down. Once the hand is over, touch your device's screen to place another bet, and play another hand.

-Play the classic Black Jack card game
-Double down tempting hands
-Keep a running total of your winnings
-Smooth Play
-Great Graphics

NOTE: This casino card game is not associated with any real casino and was made ONLY for fun. All money amounts shown are FUN money.

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