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Game: UFO Invasion LWP ELITE

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Category Casual
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
The Invasion is coming, are you prepared?

Finally translated! Now featuring over 16 different languages!

Get the only Livewallpaper featuring an alien invasion, putting you in the Commander seat as you engage the enemy.
Destroy the UFO's as they fly above the city, turning them into beautiful explosions.

Pro Version Features:
-Aurora Borealis
-3 Additional UFO's
-3 Additional Backgrounds(Day-Night-Sunrise-Sunset)
-Customizable Day-Night Cycle
-Custom UFO Speed
-Custom UFO Spawn Rates
-Custom UFO Explosions
-Custom UFO Explosion Colors
-Custom Missile/Flak Speed
-Custom Missile/Flak Explosions
-Custom Missile/Flak/Explosion Colors
-Custom Cloud Spawn Rates
-Custom Cloud Colors

Coming Next Update:
2 More UFO's for Elite Version
New City Choices for Elite Version
UFO Selection for Elite Version
More performance optimizations & minor features!

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