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Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
Discover the world's #1 puzzle/slot machine game. Match your way to larger payouts with the revolutionary SLOT SWAP©. Test your gem swapping ability with stunning graphics and animations in this CHRISTMAS THEMED adventure. The better your gem matching ability, the more you can win! CHRISTMAS JEWELS offers multiple ways to wager, whilst at the same time providing various interactive features. The game is designed around a CHRISTMAS Theme. We have created a visually appealing slot, with various animations that don't over-complicate or interfere with game play.

-SLOT SWAP© - New Casino technology that combines Gem Matching with a Video Slot Machine!
-7 Reel Slot Machine
-3 Bonus Rounds (Card Gambling + Poker + Scratch Off Card)
-Hundreds of Paylines with WILD and BONUS Icons
-On Demand Card Gambling
-Free spins
-3D Jewel Animations
-Play as an App or as your live wallpaper background.
-Can Shake device to spin
-3D Rendered Coin Shower on Big Win Jackpot
-Multiple spin,Bonus,Win sounds
-Settings so you can customize your play
-Game remembers credits; so you can play where you left off.
-Smooth Play
-Great Graphics

Getting started:

The paytable is located on the upper right hand side and should be referred to before playing, all buttons and game options are located at the top or bottom of the slot. You can select 0,1,2, or 3 Jewels(including SANTA) at the bottom of the Slot. Jewels that are highlighted at the bottom are SLOT SWAP© enabled, meaning at the end of a SPIN move one of the highlighted GEMS either (UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT) by ONE cell to try and MATCH your way to a higher PAYOUT! If your brain needs a break, simply turn off SLOT SWAP© by de-selecting ALL gems; SPINS in this mode do not require GEM swapping.

Each BET is user selectable and ranges from $1 to $500, hold your finger down to quickly move the BET towards $500. Pressing the "BET MAX" button quickly gets the big gamble rolling with a $500 bet. ONLY highlighted gems can be moved, BONUS/FREE SPINS/WILDS can not be directly moved, however they can be indirectly moved by a highlighted gem swapping with them. Get at least 3 BONUS ICONS on a payline to enter one of the 3 BONUS Rounds. WILDS substitute all ICONS. All our games use real math and near industry standard random number generation for maximum Las Vegas excitement. Priced at less than one "max bet spin" at your local casino slot machine, you will truly enjoy the exciting experience offered by this game.

NOTE: This slot machine is not associated with any real casino and was made ONLY for fun. All money amounts shown are FUN money.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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