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Game: Word Crank: Spelling Word Game

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Category Educational
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Now approved for inclusion in Google Play for Education:

Word Crank offers 3, 4, 5 - letter levels each with its own unique music and background. Play at 3 different difficulty levels from 'Basic' to 'Bananas'! Improve your vocabulary and spelling skills in a fun way.

There is also a Free-for-all Mode that allows you to make either 3, 4, or 5-letter words on each level.

Contains a home screen widget that displays's Word of the Day.

The object of the game is to find as many words as possible before the falling bricks reach the top of the screen. When you find a word simply tap your finger over each lettered brick one-by-one to spell it out.

For example, if you want to spell the word CAT, as the lettered bricks are falling from the top of the screen or even once they have landed, tap on the lettered brick 'C', then 'A' and finally 'T' to spell the word 'CAT' and the bricks will all explode. It's that easy!

Get more points by making words that contain 'Special' bricks and watch the bricks explode all over your screen!

Word Crank is truly addictive and will become your favorite word game!

Please feel free to e-mail us with any bug reports, requests, or questions.

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