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Game: Aircraft Emergency Landing

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Category Simulation
Requires os version:Android3.2 and up
Aircraft Emergency Landing is the most exciting airplane game for your mobile. Land your plane in a range of difficult situations.

Avoid an Aeroplane Emergency Landing Disaster. Be the pilot in a realistic flight simulation for mobiles.

Aircraft Emergency Landing makes you feel like a real aircraft pilot. Face the most dangerous weather conditions and aircraft failures and fly your passengers safely home.

You have just one objective: to land safely – easy to play, difficult to master. Will you make it?

- Use accelerometer on your device like a real aircraft. ?- Maintain correct speed and best angle to ensure the best landing
- Progress through a wide variety of difficulty levels and increase your ranking to become a pro pilot. ?- Weather conditions: rain, fog, strong wind, turbulence, night landings. ?- Realistic flight models! A physics based flight simulator.?


Tilt device left and right to turn the plane
Tilt device up and down to descend and climb
The throttle controls your airspeed
Notice the target landing speed at the bottom of the screen. Aim for this to get the plane on the ground

Deploy your landing gear, notice the speed decrease as the landing gear creates drag on the aircraft.

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