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Game: Allstar Legion

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Category Role Playing
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Welcome to the first 3D action card game ever! Collect and train your heroes and sweep out your enemies! A total of over thirty heroes await your summoning!

The QTE combat system lets you play an active and critical part in the battle with the minimum pain and boredom: you should decide the timing, combo and sequence to unleash the ultimate skills of the heroes. A slightly different decision will greatly influence the result of the battle. This game doesn’t need crazy tapping or sliding on the screen, but it is not a look-on-with-folded-arms (or crossed-fingers) game either. If you are looking for a casual yet lush and exciting game, this is the one for you!

Feature 1: QTE Combat System
The QTE combat system allows players to unleash crucial skills manually with no delay at all! It’s a very tricky and engaging technique to interrupt your rivals’ skills and the right timing is the key to nullify deadly raid of skills. Call into fullplay your tactical prowess in choosing the most effective combination of heroes against different enemies. The endless variety of skill combos lays the foundation for a perpetually engaging and positively addictive game!

Feature 2: Numerous heroes with their own uniqueness
Every hero has its unique merits and brings unimaginative advantage to you when properly used. Even a hero who is weak at an early stage can turn overwhelmingly strong at a later stage after careful cultivation. The primary star level of heroes is between 1 and 3. After several evolutions, every hero can be raised to the ultimate 5 stars.

Feature 3: Burning Crusade
In the Burning Crusade, you will fight against other real players in the game. You might run into your close friends or personal enemies alike. Anyway, you will be really RICH after defeating them! Come on, conquer your rivals and be a real HERO!

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