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Game: Christmas Bakery! Gingerbread

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
What kind of food does Santa want for his xmas visit? Gingerbread men, of course! Create, bake, shape, decorate and design your very own gingerbread men with this amazing xmas app, Christmas Gingerbread Cookies! Making and designing your own treats is easy, and you don't even have to make a mess in the kitchen. Just sit down, shape and bake, then open gifts!

Kids of all ages will have a great time being cookie chefs in this fun xmas party and gifts app! It all starts with some baking from scratch. Gather the ingredients and mix them in a bowl. Shape the gingerbread men one by one, turning them into anything you want, even a Santa shape! Then, decorate the cookies with all kinds of xmas party designs. Add frosting, candy toppings and other extras to make your gingerbread treat the perfect gift for Santa on xmas morning!

- Create and decorate gingerbread party men from scratch.
- Add toppings and designs such as frosting and candy.
- Make Santa proud with your fun party creation!
- Give a gingerbread cookie as a gift this xmas!

How to Play:
- Use the touch screen to mix and shape your gingerbread treat.
- Bake each cookie to perfection.
- Choose decorations and design the toppings for your snack.


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