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Game: Clean up spa salon

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Category Casual
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Cleaning up isn’t much fun although it doesn’t have to be this way. With the Clean Up Spa Salon game you can easily create some challenging fun while cleaning up your very own spa room! Here you can race against the time and see just how clever you are in placing everything back into its rightful order! This clean up game allows you to have fun while stacking and folding the towels, rearranging the lounge cushions, piling the massage stones, straightening the wall hangings, and re-ordering the massage tubes and bottles back in their rightful place before sweeping the floor, cleaning any messes, and vacuuming the spa. With so much fun to be had with this cleaning game for girls, why not get your friends together and see who can clean up their spa salon the fastest!

• FOLD and roll the towels neatly before placing them on the edge of the spa or on the take at the back of the spa!
• PLACE the cushions onto the lounge neatly to complete a tidy look!
• SIT the massage stones back into place on the side of the spa ready to use!
• STRAIGHTEN the picture frames and clock on the walls to bring a professional look to your spa!
• PLACE all the bottles and tubes of massage oils back onto the cart and on the plates sitting on the spa!
• CLEAN up any messes by sponging the area with your giant sponge!
• SWEEP up all the flower petals on the floor until the area is clean!
• VACUUM the spa bath to remove all the excess flowers floating on the water!
• ENJOY challenging yourself and race the time to finish your spa clean up session!

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