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Game: Cupcakes Shop: Bake & Eat FREE

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Category Educational
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Cupcakes are America's most favorite treat and Cupcakes Shop: Bake & Eat FREE is no exception! It looks so real, you will think REAL Cupcakes are sitting in front of you!

Cupcakes have been individually baked, a pic snapped of each one freshly baked right out of the oven, and served to you on your device!

Grab your utensils, and start mixing the ingredients from scratch!

Once the ingredients are mixed, drag the Cupcake Mix into the bowl, and start mixing!

Bang them in the oven, and watch your Cupcakes bake into warm, delicious, delectable treats!

But wait! You must decorate your delicious, moist, and soft Cupcakes!!

Smack on gobs of delicious Frosting with a plethora of colors, and designs!

Grab some toppings, and sprinkle them over your delicious creation!

When you're done, smack your lips, and start eating your delicious cupcake, virtually of course!

Then save your creation and make your friends envious of your calorie free treat!
Fun for the entire family!!

Loads of Frosting, toppings, and extras to keep the kiddos occupied while you try to get stuff done!

Features Include:
Tons of Frosting to top your Delicious Cupcake with!
Tons of Flavors of Cupcakes including Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Red Velvet, and More!
A Plethora of toppings to sprinkle on your gooey, warm, and delicious Cupcake!
Tons of Extras like Halloween Toppings to top your Cupcake with, and Holiday updates to come!
Easy to use interface, and fun for the entire family!
Very kid friendly interface, and easy to use, even young toddlers can use this app!

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